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Singtel: At the Forefront of the Telecommunications Industry

Headquartered in Singapore, Singtel is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Singapore. It offers IPTV, mobile phone network, telephony service, and lifestyle service. Aside from those, one of its big sources of income comes from its internet service which is used by millions of customers in the country.

Tips for saving money on your internet bill and conserving bandwidth

Singtel is known for their broadband internet service. It offers reasonable rates for its broadband speeds. However, if you want to save money on your internet bill, here are tips to get you started.

Check your internet speed

Doing this procedure will get your money’s worth. Just visit any site any internet speed test sites to check your internet speed which is usually measured in megabits per second. See if the speed is on par with the one stated on your plan. Do this at different times of the day. Keep in mind that you will not get the exact speed promised on your plan as there are factors such as the number of users using the network, bandwidth-heavy activities, etc. However, if you’re getting sluggish internet speeds most of the time, better call your internet service provider.

Conserve internet bandwidth

This is most especially important when conserving mobile data, though it can also be beneficial when saving bandwidth on a limited home internet plan. Here’s how to prevent too much bandwidth consumption.

Watch videos in low resolution

Watching many videos on video-sharing sites, like YouTube, consumes a lot of bandwidth. Video resolutions on these sites range from 144p to 1080p. To conserve bandwidth, you can lower the resolution before watching the videos.

Conserve Bandwidth When Downloading Torrents

If you use torrent clients to download movies or games, then you are most likely aware of seeding. It is where you leave your torrent client running after you’re done with your download to distribute the file. Though the distribution can also be done while the file is still downloading. This takes up your bandwidth since data, whether downloaded or uploaded, is calculated by the ISP whilst counting your bandwidth consumption. In addition, the use of torrent clients will increase bandwidth consumption as it downloads more data than the exact size of the file. To avoid this, you can use internet download manager software to convert the file to a direct link. It will circumvent the usage of torrent clients and all the issues while using them.

Instead of replaying online videos, just download them

There are times when you want to watch online videos or listen to songs again and again. Instead of replaying them, it is best to download them to your computer so you can play them whenever you like. Not to mention, you can watch or listen to them without consuming bandwidth.

Buy your own modem and router

It is recommended to get your own modem and router if you have a plan to stay long-term with your internet provider. This is because doing so is more cost effective unlike renting the internet hardware. Many providers charge a monthly fee to rent the equipment. So, if you stay with your provider for a year or so, the total rental cost would be more than the price of the hardware itself. You can purchase an impressive router for less than the price of what you’ve paid for the fees.

Finding the Best Deals on Singtel

To find the best deals, begin by browsing its range of products and services. From broadband to mobile devices, it’s got everything you need to suffice your infotainment and communication needs.

Redeeming Singtel Coupons and Codes

  1. Visit the coupon section above and select the promo of interest.
  2. If there’s a promo code, copy it for later use.
  3. Visit the Singtel website and sign in if you already created an account. Otherwise, sign up for one.
  4. Once signed in, choose a product or service you like and click Buy Now.
  5. If you buy a smartphone, you need to choose a model and internet plan.
  6. If you sign up for a broadband plan, select one that suits your needs. Then, read the terms and conditions.
  7. After selecting an internet plan for your smartphone, select a phone number.
  8. Choose accessories for your mobile device.
  9. Once done, click Checkout.
  10. On the order summary page, there are options where you can edit the quantity or add more accessories.
  11. On the same page, you can see a promo code box. Paste the code you copied earlier. Once done, click Apply.
  12. Select a payment method and fill in the payment information.
  13. To complete the transaction, click Place Order.

Payment Methods

Singtel accepts credit and debit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard. You can also go at 7-Eleven to pay your Singtel Bill. Make sure to bring your NETS card and cash.


Customers can decide on where the package will be delivered. They can either send it to their preferred address or POPstation located in many areas in the country. For home delivery, there will be a fee of 15 SGD which will be added to the overall amount.

Customer Service

If you have issues or questions regarding your service or purchase, call +65 6235 1688 to get in touch with Singtel’s dedicated customer support team. They are available Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm.