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Today the market of goods and services covered by the online shopping - it's billions of dollars. After all, online stores have several important advantages over the usual shops. And these advantages allow them to continually increase the proportion of sales and attract thousands of new customers every day all over the world.

Founded in 2012 through the name of Giosis, the company is a result of a joint-venture formed with eBay. This is a hefty attribute to start off because eBay is considered as the world’s largest online marketplace. This collaboration was formed in due to become Asia’s leading online marketplace.

The name, “Qoo10” stands for three different values behind the brand.

  1. “Q” stands for “Quest”
  2. “oo” stands for “Search”
  3. “10” stands for “Perfection and Completeness”

Furthermore, through its usage of the alphabet, “Q”, the company promises to deliver 3Q services to their company; they dedicate to their customers “Quest” for fun and value, they provide “Quick” and seamless shopping services, and they ensure “Quality” in their services.

Online store Qoo10, a new generation store, innovative combination of traditional and modern technologies retailers. In the online shop Qoo10 presents catalog of children's goods, cosmetics and hygiene, household cleaning products, home appliances, electronics, clothing and many other products.

www.qoo10.sg is one of the largest online stores for new generation, combining their activities in the traditional approach and modern technology. Constantly updated list of products at discounted prices, promotions and contests are held for customers. Furthermore Qoo10 has a huge catalog of products and clothing products. In general, very good service. No need to download any software. Items can be ordered from your device.

Qoo Singapore has easy navigation through the website and the ability to search by product name make use of the portal simple and affordable. To communicate effectively with customers established a hotline where you will consult on any matters relating to the shop.

For customer convenience, good designed online shop Qoo10 allows you to save time and get the right home purchase at any time. Shop Qoo10 Singapore is a universal solution for all those who do not possess a significant amount of time for shopping at home. This online store offers customers the best prices on the products that have already established itself on the European market as high quality products. It should be noted here that each customer have the liking of a large number of stocks and discounts.

Shop with the biggest online store in Singapore Qoo10

Online shopping at Qoo10: this catalog store has a lot of products that are different from those products that you can meet in ordinary shopping mall. Here you will find interesting offers, which will be useful primarily for those who wish to see the unusual in his home kitchen appliances as well as clothing, mobile phones. Manufacturers of these products have proven extremely positive, corresponding to world standards and requirements. Qoo10 online shop guarantees its customers the highest quality of products sold. Thanks to the work of an established company with an exceptionally reliable and well-known manufacturers as well as strict quality control of products and their shelf life when you receive the goods to the warehouse, customers can be assured that all purchased food will be fresh and non-food products of high quality.

Today Qoo10 is Singapore’s largest online store where you can buy items. Regularly held shares and sales - all this can be called the characteristic features of the competition.

Making purchases from the online store Qoo10 is really easy. Catalog consists of many categories to help navigate in search of the necessary things.

At the bottom of the category drop-box, Qoo10 placed six additional buttons that lead to exciting opportunities. These buttons link the customers to the Time Sale, the Daily Deal, Group Buy, Q-chance, Auction, and the Lucky Price.

Q-chance Sale
How it works is that you fill up a table of attendance (which requires an account to be created) and with every of three or five days that you have ‘attended’ the website, you can exchange the attendance for MameQs. A MameQ represents the virtual currency for users to play the MameQ game to get price discounts or join the lucky auction or lucky price to win a certain amount of price for an item or the website. Through this feature, the team behind Qoo10 believes that shoppers are inclined to have fun whilst browsing for items to buy.
Time Sale
It boasts ‘Limited-Time Promotional Discounts’ on certain items. How it works is that during time periods of 10AM-5PM, 5PM-12AM, and 12AM-10AM, a limited number of items are offered with discounts for users. This is believed to be a great prompter for organic traffic as users will constantly be on the websites to browse through the limited-time discounted items.
Daily Deal
This feature is very much similar to the Time Sale but the discounts and special promotions lasts throughout specific days.
The Group Buy
Featured on Qoo10 as an incentive to purchase any specific product together with other buyers. The Group Buy offers great cost-saving discounts when a group of people buy the same item.
Lucky Auction
Brings a competitive betting of certain items up-for-grabs. Like conventional auctions, online and offline, each item starts off at the lowest price and goes up with every bid made. Also, conventionally, every item has its own time period of bidding.
Lucky Price
Offers users to pick a price between the indicated prices, make the bid, and wait for email announcements of the winners. Usually, five winners will be picked out and they are chosen by random.

Qoo10 Singapore runs time sale every single day. Qoo10 time sale is time attack and sale section in which special discount runs everyday 00: 00/09: 00/14: 00/19: 00

What are the benefits of Qoo10 Singapore?

To save money, it is not necessary to limit yourself to buying quality things or use of modern services. Today many companies offer a lot of variety of discounts, coupons, promotions, discounts, loyalty systems and gift certificates, allowing you to spend significantly less money. It is virtually all trading houses and shops, beauty salons and fitness centers, cafes and restaurants, travel agencies and other companies.

As practice shows, coupons - it is convenient and profitable. A person can choose exactly what interested him due to the wide selection of goods and services. Since coupons have certain terms from one week to two months it is possible to think about their purchase compare prices and quality. Buy coupon quickly and easily, it is necessary to choose a service pay then e-mail a message, and that is the coupon. It should be printed, and in terms of the action to come to the specified address .

The main advantage of coupon is - convenience since you can buy coupons anywhere and choose the action that you need it at the moment. Save - no less advantage discount coupons, so shares are up to 90-100 percent. And it is beneficial for every purse.

Qoo10 Promo Codes

You can also find out Qoo10 promo code - for those who like to save in store Qoo10, held and allowed to use the special promotional code unique Qoo10 ordering. The code can be purchased here and the free promotion code will provide additional discount on a new purchase. You can find out different types of Qoo10 discount coupons. Special promotional codes from Qoo10 are featured constantly. Need to follow up with them to get the maximum opportunity to purchase goods at competitive prices.

If you have questions regarding Qoo10 products or service please do not hesitate to contact them.

Qoo10 Singapore contact:

Office 5 Tampines Central 1 #04-04 Tampines Plaza Singapore 529541

Tel: +65 6500 4440
Fax : +65 6735 3487

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